About Taking the Pulse

Taking the Pulse (TTP) aims to bridge the information gap between China‚Äôs low-carbon developments and the global climate community. Our team tracks first-hand Chinese news, events, and publications, selects the most insightful opinions and analysis from China’s thought leaders, and packages this content into English-language overviews. Insights and analyses are gathered in an online library with hyperlinks to original sources. 

TTP’s English-language newsletters explain the changing discourse and narratives on climate within China. This illumination of the cultural and political context behind major issues concerning climate helps users more easily and accurately interpret climate-related developments in China. 

TTP is operated by Institute for Global Decarbonization Progress. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact:

Ms. Li Siyin, siyin@igdp.cn

Mr. Diego Monterodiego@igdp.cn

You can also reach us at ttp@igdp.cn

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