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Winter 2023

Chinese climate scientists’ recent studies on impacts and attribution

In this winter edition of the TTP newsletter, we collect recent studies carried out by Chinese scientists that explain how climate change is affecting China and its various regions and examine the role of climate change in specific local extreme weather events.

Autumn 2023

Competition or collaboration? How do Chinese stakeholders view the climate-trade nexus?

The intertwining of climate and trade issues is on the rise, notably reflected in the increasing requirements and restrictions on high-carbon products within trade policies.  A prime example is the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) – the EU’s new regulation designed to prevent carbon leakage. But CBAM has sparked controversy. As a leading global exporter, China does not endorse the rationale behind this mechanism. 

Summer 2023

Did extreme weather advance the climate discussion in the Chinese media?

It was a challenging summer for many regions in China. Heatwaves, typhoons, storms, and floods…extreme weather events occurred one after another, testing society’s resilience in every dimension. Beijing was on the front line. The capital city recorded its hottest June day in over 60 years, reaching 41.1°C. Just a few weeks after experiencing a prolonged heatwave, Beijing received the heaviest rainfall in 140 years, which led to 33 deaths.

Spring 2023

How climate was talked about during China's 2023 Two Sessions?

The climate landscape in China has always been complex and it is getting even more so. One example of the tug-of-war between economic development and environmental protection – while there is growing momentum on transitioning to a clean economy, there is also an emphasis on coal energy as the bedrock of China’s energy security.

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