In 2021, iGDP started working with the Climate Change and Energy Transition Project (CCETP) of the Institute of Energy Research of Peking University to jointly promote the achievement of China’s dual carbon goals. The partnership provides advice and support for government decision-making through policy analysis and research, identifying ambitious targets, formulating clear roadmaps, and developing effective action plans.

CCETP promotes energy security, energy efficiency, green and low-carbon development, and accelerates the reduction of fossil energy consumption. Specific research areas include the coordinated and comprehensive development of energy, environmental, economic and social systems; total fossil energy consumption control; technological innovation in energy development and utilization; power sector transformation to renewable energy-based systems; promotion of electrification; low-carbon and green development of energy-consuming sectors; sustainable transportation models; demonstration and promotion of carbon-neutral models at regional, provincial and municipal levels; control of scattered coal and plastic pollution; and green finance and justice transitions.