Climate Finance

While global investment in renewable energy has risen steadily in recent years, it remains far below the level required to put the world on course toward a climate-safe future. From the approximately USD 300 billion global investment in recent years, annual investments in renewables must roughly triple to USD 800 billion by 2050 to fulfill key global decarbonization and climate goals. iGDP works closely with clean energy finance practitioners to facilitate integration and coordination between policymaking, industry and financial circles, helping to overcome barriers to climate-safe investment and contribute to carbon neutrality goals.

China’s carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals are reshaping the drivers of China’s economic growth. These two national level goals must now be reflected in China’s ongoing infrastructure investment. iGDP tracks infrastructure investment activity and its contribution to long-term peaking and neutrality goals, and provides analysis of the green quality of China post-COVID economic recovery.

Featured Projects

Green and Low Carbon Financing - Practices and Exploration in Chinese Cities



This Chinese language report offers a comprehensive review the current status and ongoing challenges in investment and financing for green and low-carbon development in China’s cities. It includes discussions of green and low-carbon actions, investment needs, financing tools, and presents case studies that illustrate the application of green and low-carbon investment and financing.



Green Finance

This report provides an overview of China’s green finance low-carbon pilots on the occasion of the first anniversary of the program. It summarizes the work plans, policies, and actions in each pilot zone, and offers suggestions for refinement of the pilot program going forward.

Guangdong Photovoltaic Survey

Research on Key Issues and Policy Recommendations for China’s post-COVID Green Recovery

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