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Achieving China’s goals of carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060 will require robust understanding of long-term economy, energy and emission trends and how to achieve win-win solutions of prosperity and carbon neutrality. In our Long-term Climate and Energy Strategy Program, we seek to elucidate the options and opportunities for China as it moves toward a carbon-neutral future. Using our in-house analytical models, we provide insights into long-term carbon reduction, energy transition, and economic transformation strategies at national, subnational, and industrial sector levels in China and key developing countries.  We also track, compare and evaluate the climate pledges and actions made at all levels.

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This report is an updated version of our 2019 report on China’s NDC. It reviews new international and domestic sustainable development trends since the last report and discusses the implementation of China’s first NDC. The second part of the report draws on newly issued strategic plans and policies during the 13th and 14th Five-Year plan periods to explore the climate policy options that may shape China’s second NDC.




This joint paper by Energy Innovation, innovative Green Development Program, and the Institute for Finance and Sustainability shows that China has the opportunity to, and should, strengthen its climate commitments by setting a target for peaking its carbon emissions before 2030.

The report shows how clean energy beats fossil fuel technologies on price and makes carbon neutrality an economic driver. By increasing the pace of its domestic clean energy transition, China can induce additional technological innovation to enhance the competitiveness of its clean technology firms, while at the same time improving its energy security and achieving earlier carbon peaking.




This report reviews and summarizes the actions taken by non-Chinese cities to achieve medium- and long-term emission reduction targets or “zero-carbon” emissions, with a specific focus on climate change-related target setting, plan development 1, and policy measures. It focuses on policies and actions that have significant reference-value for China’s cities with regard to long-term actions, and serves as a practical reference for policymakers and researchers interested in medium- and long-term deep emission reductions in cities around the world.




China Carbon Neutrality Tracker is an online database and interactive platform that tracks China’s carbon neutrality actions at the national, subnational and sectoral levels. Information can be searched and sorted by issuing institution, release date, sector and action type.  

Study on Mid- and Long-Term Scenarios of Energy Transition in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Economic Transformation in the Context of Carbon Neutrality – Tsinghua

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