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The entire food production chain – from production to consumption – is closely related to climate change. On the one hand, agricultural production and animal husbandry are under threat from climate change. Changes in temperature and precipitation brought about by global warming and the frequent occurrence of extreme weather have an impact on agricultural production, grassland yield and livestock carrying capacity. On the other hand, all aspects of food production and consumption, such as food production, processing, transportation, and kitchen waste disposal, are significant sources of greenhouse gas emissions. iGDP contributes to China’s 2060 carbon neutrality goal by identifying the opportunities for greenhouse gas emission reduction in the entire food production and consumption chain, promoting actions to drive down emissions in this sector and develop sustainable agriculture and food system practices.

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The Agri-Food System and Carbon Neutrality



To strengthen China’s response to global climate change and achieve the long-term goal of carbon neutrality, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of its agri-food system’s emissions and reduction possibilities. This report estimates China’s agri-food system GHG emissions by source and type, examines existing and new potential reduction efforts, and outlines key pathways and priority measures to achieve carbon neutrality in the agri-food system.

Building Sustainability into China's Agri-food System - Fourteen Case Studies


Case Studies

This report presents fourteen case studies on actions being taken to drive China’s sustainable agri-food transition. The selection of cases is based on key mitigation actions that have been identified in previous research. They explore local practices under specific abatement actions and briefly analyze the key elements needed for replication. The cases show how different stakeholders in the agri-food system can help achieve emissions reduction through mechanism design and innovation, leading to economic, environmental, and social benefits.

Summary Report on the Emission Reduction Potential of China’s Food System Under Carbon Neutrality


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