Deputy Executive Director for Research and Programs

Posting date 

March 5, 2024

Application Deadline 

March 31, 2024 






Deputy Executive Director for Research and Programs


iGDP is seeking a full-time Deputy Executive Director for Research and Programs. This is a  management position, reporting to the director of the institute. The candidate will formulate, promote and implement the strategies and work plans of iGDP’s main project teams, ensuring the quality and influence of research and projects, and managing and continuously improving the high professional standards and vitality of the teams.

Planning and implementation

  • Develop work plans and output requirements for key work areas
  • Coordinate the team, promote research and project work plans, control overall implementation progress, and make timely adjustments
  • Provide timely feedback and daily guidance to team members on their work
  • Ensure the smooth development of external communication, seminars, exchanges, evaluations, etc. required by the project

Quality and impact

  • Responsible for the high professional standards of research and project design and the quality of research results
  • Assist teams to identify the core content of projects and research results, and respond promptly to industry trends
  • Ensure dissemination and impact of research and project outputs
  • Represent the organization at professional conferences and accept media interviews

Team management

  • Follow up on the latest policies, technological developments, the most advanced research tools and resources, and apply them to projects to ensure that the team’s technical capabilities keep pace with new developments
  • As a part of iGDP’s management team, participate in the formulation, implementation and adjustment of institutional strategies
  • Communicate on behalf of iGDP with funders and other stakeholders
  • Budgeting and financial management as necessary


Education and experience

  • Doctoral degree in a related field, at least 10 years of working experience in project management and team management in climate, energy, local low-carbon transformation, green economy or other related fields
  • Work experience in think tanks at home and abroad, with strategic vision and an international perspective, recognized by peers at home and abroad
  • A demonstrated track-record of research, project implementation or policy advocacy achievements

Skills and qualities

  • Comprehensive research project planning, organization and execution capabilities
  • Expert-level research capabilities in the fields of energy, climate and environment
  • Excellent communication skills, collaborative spirit and execution ability
  • Excellent writing skills in Chinese and English
  • Confident and a proactive attitude, passion for learning new skills and innovation, positive contribution to iGDP’s work culture


Please send your cover letter together with your resume in both Chinese and English to

Only selected candidates will receive an invitation for interviews within 7 working days.

Please indicate in the email subject line: Position + Name.

The application deadline is March 31, 2024.

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