Dr. Yang Fuqiang is Senior Advisor on the Climate Change and Energy Transition Program (CCETP) at the Institute of Energy at Beijing University.

Dr. Yang has worked on China’s sustainable energy strategy and policy for more than four decades and has extensive research experience in energy savings in building, industrial, and transportation sectors, low carbon cities, electricity and renewable energy, as well as climate change. Prior to joining CCETP, he was Senior Advisor on Energy, Environment and Climate Change at the Natural Resources Defense Council. Dr. Yang was the Director of Global Climate Solutions at WWF’s International Headquarter, and Vice President of Energy Foundation and Chief Representative of Energy Foundation Beijing Office. Before 2000, Dr. Yang worked with the State Planning Commission’s Energy Research Institute in China, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory In the USA. Dr. Yang received his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering at West Virginia University and his B.S. in Physics at Jilin University.