Our Mission

The Institute for Global Decarbonization Progress (iGDP) is an non-profit think tank focusing on green and low-carbon development with offices in China and Europe. Established in Beijing in 2014, iGDP is dedicated to supporting China’s green and low-carbon practices, contributing to the global effort to address climate change, and providing decision-makers, investors and local communities with forward-thinking solutions.

Through interdisciplinary, systematic, and empirical policy research, iGDP promotes robust energy and climate solutions with high implementation and investment feasibility. iGDP works with its partners to promote a zero emissions future and tell the story of China’s green and low-carbon development.

iGDP brings together a team of research and strategic communication professionals with technical expertise in energy systems, climate policy and environmental economics. iGDP has developed tools and databases for the tracking and evaluation of low-carbon development practices at home and abroad. Its areas of focus include clean energy, green finance, carbon pricing, urban and regional low-carbon development, agricultural food system sustainability and methane reduction. Research results are applied to a variety of on-the-ground actions, including provincial and urban dual-carbon roadmaps, just transition, zero-emission city and community planning, financial institution climate risk stress testing, zero-waste cities, and low-carbon actions at the community level.   

Advisory Board


Director and Co-Founder


Research and Programs

Acting Deputy Executive Director for Research and Programs, Senior Program Director for Energy Transition, Senior Analyst

Senior Program Director for Beyond Carbon, Senior Analyst

Project Lead for Green Economics, Senior Analyst

Project Lead for Energy Transition, Analyst

Project Coordinator for Beyond Carbon, Analyst 

Project Coordinator for Energy Transition, Analyst

Senior Analyst

Assistant Analyst

Assistant Analyst

Assistant Analyst

Organizational Development and Platforms

Deputy Executive Director for Operations and Organizational Development

Communications and Events Manager

Communications Assistant

Strategy and Partnerships

Senior Program Director for Strategy and Partnerships



Senior Operations Manager

Finance Manager

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